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Our lovely princess

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holiday starts tomorrow

Holiday is earlier for her (as usual). Princess will be heading back, with a 7something morning flight tomorrow with my MIL. It will be around 2 weeks holiday for her, so I would not be seeing her till her school starting next month. And it means I can sleep late and no need to rush in the morning.

Well, at least there is someone there to take care and pamper her. I feel guilty of not spending as much time with her, but am trying my best to spare my Sunday with both kids. Like over the weekend we have great time in Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Park, Matang. We brought along a cousin and her daughter, so it was a tiring day for mummies, while the kids happily splashing around. But I were glad that once reached home, both kids were too exhausted and had a long nap. And Princess has told us right after her nap that she wants to go to the theme park again the following weekend. Lol!!

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Small Kucing said...

oh no...i bet u be missing her like mad