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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At 21 months old

Baby Jay is going to be 21 months old next week. He is as babbling as ever, and we cannot understand what he is trying to say most of the times.

Improvements and updates from him:

1. His vocabulary is mixed with Chinese and English. It is a wonder which language he will master, but we just speak both languages to him.
2. He understands what we say, but unable to reply us. Like when I told him to pass a pack of biscuit to grandfather to open, he just went to find his grandfather and pass him the pack.
3. Dog - he loves dogs and he will shout "dog" when ever he sees one. My mum's dogs afraid of him because he will step or grab them. I am more afraid of the dogs biting him because he disturbing them.
4. When in pain or accidentally bump into something, he will say "Aw".
5. No no no - his famous words now. He will shake his head and say "no" when he does not like something.
6. Water - When he wants his water bottle, he will say "ter". Now I am introducing him toddler bottle to drink, so try to wean him from his water bottle
7. "Kai Kai" - when we say "kai kai" (going out) he will get ready his shoes to wear. And just last week, I hear him saying "Bye" for the first time! Oh boy!
8. Like his sister, Baby Jay loves to watch "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and will dance to its songs.
9. He starts to feed himself. Other than messy and wobbly, he is doing well.
10. He loves food. Eat almost anything. When he wants Ribena, he will bring his water bottle and pull me to the kitchen to get me to pour him some Ribena.
11. He starts to play pc mouse and can switch on and off the pc.
12. He starts to play his sister's bike. He is still not tall enough to ride so he is pushing the bike around in the house.
13. He is no longer afraid to take bath. Instead he loves to go to the bathroom and play with water. Once I undress him, he will take off his diaper by himself and run to the bathroom. Sigh! And I got to coax him out of there too.
14. He is still on diaper, but slowly nanny is teaching him to urinate and poo in potty. But he does not like to. He still like to poo in his diapers standing up. How???

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Small Kucing said...

Looks like Baby J is making good progress