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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A police for a cousin

Recently a cousin of mine has been promoted to be a Chief Inspector. He has been in the police force for over 10 years and after so many years of dedication and hard work, he finally get a much deserved promotion. We are proud of him!!

It has been long since I met up with him. However, last week we met up in a Mother's Day lunch organised on behalf of our grandmother. What a great reunion as all uncles, aunties and cousins with children were there.

This cousin who is a Chief Inspector now is one of my favourite cousins. He used to stayed with us when he was a boy. He always dreamt of being a policeman and true enough, he achieved his dream and now a high rank officer in his work place.

He told me he used to deal with cases which require a lot of people search. It sounds tedious but he assures me that it is actually not. Just key in the name and state, in few second, he can get the necessary contacts and addresses of that person. My cousin also involved in checking public records but now that he is a Chief Inspector, those works now leave to his subordinates. Lol!

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