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Monday, May 2, 2011

Have fun

Yesterday was Labour Day. And also our Family's Day. Actually it has been long since we bring the kids out for shopping and fun. So yesterday was a great day to get connected again with my 2 monkeys!

We went to Hock Lee Centre to visit the game arcade as my Princess has been persuading us to bring her there. So as expected, it was packed when we reached there around 11am. It was my first visit to the arcade although it has been there for ages. So you can imagine how old are some of the machines. Lol!

The kids have car rides, then we play some shooting games. I even managed to play "Jurassic Park" game with Big J! Fun, and I sweat. Lol!

After an hour in the arcade we had our lunch in Uncle Jas kitchen. Not so nice! :( But on other hand, I got a new pair of sandals. For price of RM87 from Heatwave! So expensive for a simple design, but what to do? My sandals almost worn out and I desperately need a new one. And Big J chipped in some, so not so bad. Yes!

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Small Kucing said...

nevermind la...new one can tahan many year leh