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Friday, May 6, 2011

Spoil brat

Please tell me it is normal stage for a 5 years old. Or else I would not know how to deal with her crazy demands.

Princess has been very demanding lately. 2 weeks ago, she was telling her dad that I agreed to her going to her cousin's house for fun. Then last week, she whispered to her dad that I agreed to her going to game archive, which we did bring her over the holiday. And Big J was laughing it off when she asked him. Because she was smart. She complimented her dad first, then get down to her request. "Daddy, daddy, you are so good and handsome. Can you bring me to play games in Hock Lee Centre? Mummy said yes". Lol!

Right after the archive, she told us she wanted to go to swimming pool. We did not as the kids need to take their naps and something urgent turned up that evening. And when asked her to go to the swimming class on Tuesday, she threw a tantrum and did not want to go. And just yesterday when I asked her whether she wanted to go to swimming pool this weekend, she told me she wanted to go to beach instead. Huh??

First of all, she was telling lies to her dad about me agreeing to her requests, which in first place, she did not ask me first. And secondly where do all those orders come from suddenly? Don't tell me that I am going to expect a "Tough 5" from her, as she just passed her "cheeky 4" more than a week ago. Sigh!

And not only that, her "kiasu-ness" is getting worse too. She must the first one to wake up, if not after me. And she must be the one to go out from the house, get into the car etc. *Faint* Not all she must be number one. Sometimes she can wait for her turn like when I make milk for Baby Jay and bathing time. Once a while she even demand to be in the bathroom with her brother, so both can play with water. Lol!

Kids! Tough bringing them up.

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Cynthia said...

could be just a phase.. and she is learning well to 'smart' to 'trick' for what she want..