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Our lovely princess

Saturday, September 10, 2011

First day in Music Class

Princess gone to her first music class today!!! Actually she is now in the music class, which is just a block away from my shop. I was a bit worried at first whether she would want to stay on or not, but after a stroll around the classes, she settled down for her first lesson. I have been telling her about music class for few days and she was happy that she kept nagging me the whole day to go to the class. Managed to squeeze out from the shop around 11.00am to bring her over.

RM60.00 per month, and since she is new, she will learn music notes for the first month, slowly teacher will introduce piano lesson to her. I can see that she was excited while we were in the registration lobby, as she was walking and studying the classes and music instruments. And to my surprise, she just gave me a kiss on the cheek and waved me good bye. It just reminded me of my first day in music class, but I was older when I went to my first class. I remember I was around 12 years old when my dad placed me in organ class. My music skill has diminished with time since I stopped classes to continue my degree at age of 20. Lol!

I could not wait to listen to my Princess' babbling about her first day when I picked her up later.


Small Kucing said...

so how was it?

Rose said...

Good! She loves it and could not wait for the next class, Mamarazzi. :)