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Monday, September 26, 2011

25 months old

He is very attached to me lately, want me to hug or follow me around. He also love to play with gadgets like Blackberry and iPad; and less fancy toys and magnetic blocks.

At 25 months old, he is very babbling. He is very protective of his stuff and toys and does not like to share with other kids including his sister sometimes. If he does not get his way, he will scratch or pinch people and if he loses, he will pretend to cry and seek our attention. Lol!

Now I am trying to spend some time at night to read and teach him to love books. Hopefully like his sister, he will learn to love to read.

1 comment:

Zooropa said...

I guess boys are like that, I mean they tend to play gadgets & don't like those kid's toys :-)