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Friday, September 16, 2011

Music is in the air

My house has never has a quiet moment once the kids are at home. Since my SIL bought Princess a toy keyboard and Baby Jay a toy guitar, both have been jamming with their respective instruments almost every evening. They still play even after 10pm and sometimes lasts till 12midnight. I am more worry about the noise pollution and what the neighbours would think with my kids playing and shouting at such hours.

But with 2 active kids around, it is pretty hard to make them quiet. Since my Princess Jan goes to music school, she has shown more interests in music. She loves singing and dancing, so I guess music class suits her. And Baby Jay also started to sing to us, although we do not understand a single words out of him. The baby sitter loves to play Chinese New Year songs for them, so my Baby Jay will always clasp his hands and sing around the room, like those singers in the music videos.

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Small Kucing said...

ya it's hard to keep the kids to be quiet