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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Me and her time

It is Saturday again. Busy at the shop and Princess has finished her music class more than an hour ago.

Big J was sleeping when we went out around 8.30am this morning. He was not feeling well. Must be overworked and lack of sleep for the past days this week due to his meeting. Later he needed to sit for his insurance exam, I wonder whether he is fit for it or not. Hope this time he will not flunk again.

It has been a while since I brought Princess Jan to shopping so I guess it is about time to shop for her shoes or sandals. Since we are going to attend a cousin's wedding next month, I think it is a good excuse to get both of us new sandals. I looked through my shoes rack and noticed that I do not have many high heels to wear. Mostly court shoes that I wore for my previous employment. I never like court shoes, so not often I wear them.

We will go to Tabuan Jaya area to shop for footwear after our lunch. It has been long since I visit that area. Wish us luck in finding suitable sandals! *wink*

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