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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pass down clothing

Yesterday I cleaned up Princess' wardrobe. My oh my! She does have a lot of clothing. Some are too small for her, so I packed the good looking and still in good condition clothing for her younger cousin. A big bag of old clothing for Cousin Chloe and same time give her a dress for the coming CNY that we bought from last month KL trip.

Chloe loves to wear dresses but unfortunately Princess does not have much dresses that suit Chloe. I seldom buy dresses and skirts for her. Because Princess so unlady-like although she loves to wear dresses and skirts from time to time. But to my own surprise, I bought a lot of dresses last month in KL. All for CNY. She would be very happy to parade herself in her new clothes during CNY.

1 comment:

Small Kucing said...

Yay...now Princess wardrobe will have more space for new dresses