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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Register for QL3

This morning, I brought both kids to Princess' kindergarden (Q-Dees) to register and pay her school fee for first semester next year. It will be Princess' last year in the kindergarden. How time flies. Soon with a blink of eyes she will be in Primary school. *weep* My girl is growing up!

Anyway, I bought her a new pair of school uniforms as the old ones too short and torn for her to wear. And also enrolled her in Mandarin class as her extra curriculum. I think it is good exposure as she will be going to a Chinese primary school. Do not want her to have "language" shock when she is in Primary One. Lol!

Her kinddy will reopens next Wednesday so it is another week of leisure for Princess before she starts schooling again. And another week of rest before everything back to normal for all of us!

In 4 months time, my Princess is turning 6! Gosh, she is growing fast. Just feel like yesterday when I were holding her in my arms in hospital and now she is going to be 6 years old girl. And my Baby Jay is 28 months old and in 8 months time, he is turning 3! Terrible 3, I hope not. He is more talkative now and able to master and recognise more words. Another year to enrol him in school, Big J said since he is still not so independent.

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Yee Ling said...

same ere..next yr is my girl final yr in kindie.