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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A day with him

Spent a day with my Baby Jay yesterday as the baby sitter's son was getting hitched. We started off our day with breakfast of kolo kueh tiaw with my mum. I would not be able to take care of him alone. He is just too active for me.

After breakfast we had a walk in Kenyalang Park and Baby Jay was excited to see so many pigeons that he shouted "Bird! Bird!" to me. Lol! He is learning more words each day.

Then we opened up the shop around 10am and just before 11am we had a blackout. Oh dear! Not a good idea to have a blackout in the shop with a child tagging along. But after 15 minutes and looked like no sign of the electricity soon, we decided to close it and heading to my parent's house. He brought along his toys so he played in my parents' house while waiting for mum to finish cooking lunch.

After lunch, we went home for our afternoon nap. He must be tired as he slept more than 2 hours. After his nap, I brought him to bowling alley. He was happy and pulling me to go nearer. It gave me an idea. Maybe one day we bring the 2 kids to a bowling game. My hand also itchy looking at other bowlers played. Lol!

After spending some times in bowling alley and bookstore, we headed home as we could heard thunders and getting ready for the wedding dinner. At the restaurant, besides the bride and groom, Baby Jay was a star too. He knew more people there than us! Lol! Half of the times, he sat with the baby sitter's daughter, so gave us some peace time to enjoy the food.

He slept early that night (around 1030pm). He seldom sleep that early but I guess an eventful day knocked some energy out of him! Lol!

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Small Kucing said...

must have been very tired la...