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Friday, December 2, 2011


Baby Jay recognised a bear when he saw a real one during our Zoo Negara outing last month. I was showing him around the zoo and pointed to him a black bear. When we met up with Big J and Princess on other section, Baby Jay pointing to the direction of the bear and told his daddy "bear bear".

He is slowly to form more words now. And we have to talk slower to him so he can imitate us. He follows what we say and Princes has to dub him "an echo". He is learning to say "Please", "I go", "Wet", "Stuck", "Game", "iPad" and few more that slipped out of my mind for now. But he is catching up on his vocabulary that is for sure.

Now we are still debating whether to send him to kindergarten or not next year. One part we would love him to learn more in new environment but on other part, we were worry as he has pretty bad temper and when ever he does not get what he wants, he will throw a tantrum. But I noticed that he is not so receptive to strangers (and even to familiar faces around my shop). He will wail at sight of strangers especially the fierce looking faces! Lol! There is one Rela guy that Baby Jay so afraid of, that each time he saw the sight of that Rela, he will run to me or my staff and cry and stand behind us! One thing is good that he would not dare to go out from the shop .

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Hayley said...

May be can send him there while you accompany him.. if things turn out bad, then only decide how...