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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Her first tuition class

I went to Princess' Teachers and Parents Day last Friday and was surprised when the class teacher commented that Princess is the top of the class in term of academic.  *Proud Mum*  Looking through the progress chart pasted on the wall, most students are still in their Reader 22 and 23.  Princess has already passed all those Readers (last book is 24) and now in Worksheet 4.  Since the first semester she has started her first worksheet. 

One of the teachers there commented that Princess's English is very good; she has great pronounciation.  I have no problem with her English but a bit worry about her mastering Chinese, especially when comes to reading and recognising words.  She has improved a lot in her speaking skill.  So after much scouting and asking around since this year, I maanged to find a tuition school for her!!

Today is actually the beginning of Chinese tuition for Princess.  I enrolled her in The Language Specialist House last Saturday.  Glad that they have such courses for those who is going to Chinese school next year.  They have English, BM, Science and Maths for Primary students, but for time being, I would like Princess to polish her Chinese for her preparation to primary school.

Today is the first class for Princess.  The class starts at 8.30 to 11.30am.  Brought Princess and Baby Jay to the classroom this morning.  And Baby Jay was also as excited as his sister.  After picking her up, I asked her about her first day and she was very happy.  Glad that she likes the class.  Her music class has been shifted to afternoon at 2.00pm, so she would have some time for lunch. 

So Saturday would be a busy day for her too.  Tuition and music class on Saturday.  Good luck, my Princess!!  I know you can do it.

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slavemom said...

Congrats on her great achievements in sch. Keep it up, Princess!