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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

80% diaper-free

Why I am saying "80%"?  Because Baby Jay is still wearing his diaper during the night time and early morning.  I cannot trust him 100% not to wet his pant, my car or any other places. 

When he reaches babysitter's house in the morning, he will ask his baby sitter to take off his diaper.  Probably he likes the feeling of free from diaper.  Who doesn't?  Who like the feeling of been wet on the bottom?  Only when we go out, I put diaper for him. 

He has been very well behave so far, when ever he needs to pee, he will say "sh sh" and then obediently go to the washroom to do his business.  But once a while, he can be cheeky or unable to control himself.   But it is a good progress from him.  Hopefully by end of the year, he would be 100% diaper-free. 

1 comment:

slavemom said...

Good progress! I'm sure he'll be diaper-free soon.