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Saturday, June 9, 2012

They are back and holiday is over

The kids were back home last night.  Now the quiet shelter is gone but fill with laughter, noise and chattiness of both kids.  I miss all those stuff.

School holiday is going to end tomorrow and every thing will be back to usual mode on Monday.  It has been a great 2 weeks and the kids enjoyed their stay in Kapit.  More to come when school holiday is here again.  And I also don't mind their absence because I feel refresh and re-energise.  And we have done so much during the 2 weeks, me and Big J.

We went to purchase some stuff for the new home.  And the contractors are going to do the kitchen, living room and upstair family hall. Expecting to be completed early next month.  Washing machine and dryer have all gone in.  Once the cabinet is done, we will get the fridge and tv installed.  Oh boy!  I am excited.  Hopefully we will be celebrating the next school holiday over new house.


Daddy said...

Looking to seeing pictures of your new house soon....:)

Small Kucing said...

So fast school holiday ends