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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jay is ok

We decided on the last minute not to enrol Baby Jay to kindergarden this month.  So he will be going to kindergarden next year.  Either at Q-Dees or other kindergarden which is near to our new house.  Will have a look at it once we move to our new home.

He is on more diaper-free training now during the day.  Sometimes he will wet the bed, sometimes no. So it is a good progress I deem. I am still trying to get him to sit in the potty for his "big business" but he still prefer to do it in standing pose.  Sigh!  Need to be more patient to train him in that part.
Baby Jay is doing fine and since he was back from holiday, he is more bubbling and moody than ever.  He still talk in his alien language as we try to catch what he is try to say.  And when ever he did not get what he want, he will cry aloud.  Sigh~

But we are happy that he learn and talk more words.  And we did not go to the child therapist which is supposed to be end of May.  Since there is some improvement, there is no need to see her.

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