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Friday, August 8, 2014

2nd time this week

(Just out from OT and now in the men' ward as I were writing this post)

Jay was admitted again today! His elbow did not healed properly as he did not want to rest his elbow at home. Talking about hyper-active, Jay can be a great example of hyper-active boy.

His elbow bone needed to be re-aligned and this time doctor put cement bandage on him to
prevent the same problem. After more than 20 minutes in the OT, he has his cast done.

This time I were well prepared, ready his drink and food; and some toys to keep him entertained after the operation. The bandage will stay for the next 2 weeks.

It is a bearable stay in hospital this round. Jay must be exhausted that he is sleeping for few hours. And I get to read my novel too while waiting for discharge.


Small Kucing said...

hope the elbow be better soon. you must take care yourself too

mun said...

Do take good care both of you! Speedy recovery to Jay.