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Friday, August 29, 2014

Cast off

He is a free boy! After a month since the accident on 29/8 and 3 weeks in an arm cast, Jay has his cast removed this morning. He couldn't be more than happy, and so are we.

The doctor used a machine that look like a mini chain saw to cut the outer part of the cast. Then after about 5 minutes in the treatment room, doctor peeled off the cast and washed his right arm. Done!

However Jay need to get used to his bend arm for few days before he can move and straighten it. Been in that bend position for few weeks so it takes time. Hand is dry so I need to put moisturiser on it. Jay needs to do exercise to get the feel of his arm again.
My strong boy

Hope he learns his lesson and be more careful when playing.


lina said...

Yeay! Good news :)

Yee Ling said...

That's good to hear!