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Friday, August 22, 2014

Music & Cast

Jan has her Grade 1 piano exam in RH Hotel yesterday afternoon. I brought her there myself. At first she was not nervous but when it was her time, she started to panic a bit. But glad she went into the exam room and did her thing.

I could not see or hear what transcripted in the room but at last she did her best. An British examiner was present to test the candidates one by one.

Slightly more than 10 minutes, Jan was out from the room. Hope she passes her grade 1 then daddy promised to buy her a piano.

Today, after 2 weeks on cast, I brought Jay back to clinic. Supposed to take off his cast today but doctor thought otherwise.

The bone heals well so nothing to worry about. However doctor gave another 1 week for proper healing as worry he will get hurt. A precaution he said. You know, Jay is too active. So, another week of wrapping his cast with plastic bags when shower, another week in sling and another week of helping him in school works. And he would be the birthday boy with an arm cast next week too!

Have a great weekend, guys! 

1 comment:

lina said...

Well done Jane. You'll sure pass. :)

and glad to hear that Jay's bone is healing well. :)