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Monday, August 25, 2014

Kor kor is 5!

Jay, our 2nd child is 5 years old today! Big boy already. And he is a proud kor kor of Jamie.

Glad both of them develop a good brotherly love and although Jay can be jealous and possessive, we know he cares for Jamie. 

Jay is a slow learner, maybe because he is active and playful. He just loves to play and lazy to learn books. But Jay is very intelligent in his own way. He is more of a practical person; see and learn. He is surprisingly good in Maths. He knows how to add and minus from 0 to 30. 

We starting to teach him to save money. He has his own made piggy bank at home. Whenever he found coins, he will takes and keeps in his piggy. And some times we give him money for rewards when he is behaving well.

He can be a nuisance because he does not listen to you and have his own attitude. A very stubborn boy. But someday he can be lovey-dovey and ask to be hugged and kissed.
Birthday cake for a family celebration at home

Cupcakes for every friends and teachers in his kinddy

As for his special day, I ordered a spongebob cake as it is currently his favourite cartoon show and cupcakes for sharing with his classmates. His first celebration in school. Last year, we just moved to Sibu and I were heavily pregnant so did not bring anything to school.

Hand-wrapped goodies for the children

The children sang birthday song thrice in three different languages

The happiest boy in the class today is blowing his candles!

What a happy birthday boy! Happy 5th birthday, big kor kor!

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Happy Birthday Jayden