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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Half day spent in hospital

Jay has a fall last Tuesday when we went to Raya visiting. He hurt his right arm.  He was so in pain that he fall asleep in the car; and when he woke up, he immediately asked to be taken to doctor.  Immediately Big J brought him to x-ray and after all the wailing and crying, the x-ray turned out good.  All bones are in the right position and no broken bones or dislocation.

So he was on the arm support cloth, but on and off he took it off because he disliked it.  Felt like been retained. After few days, he can move his hand and arm.  However on Friday, we noticed that his elbow area swollen and he cannot move the joint.  Even after rubbing some oilment, his swell did not subdued much and he still feel the pain at that area.  So yesterday morning, I decided to bring him to the orthopaedic (bone) specialist.

He was still in his cheeky self and even raise his right arm for me

At first glance the doctor told us the bones look alright but to be more confirmed, he suggested for an elbow x-ray.  The previous one only shown the hand right up to elbow, did not really concentrate on the elbow.  So this time, he was been examined on the elbow.

Ended up one of the elbow bones was dislocated, so it caused swell and pain.  Immediately doctor admitted us to the hospital so he could readjusted his bone without further delay. So we were admitted around 10am and around 1030am, Jay was brought into the operation theatre for the minor adjustment.  Less than 10 minutes, he was done. 
Changed into the ward clothing

Waiting time

Time to go in

I was allowed to accompany him inside for a while.  So he has a bit of struggle when he was put to sleep and after that I was to stay outside waiting.  Once done, I was allowed to stay with him till he was awake.  And oh boy, hell broke loose.  He was crying, and kicking; much to my dismay.  But he must be in such agony and pain that he behaved in that way.  So I wheeled him back to his ward to rest but he was restless and inconsolable.  He wanted to change to his own clothes and go home!

After more than 30 minutes, he was calmed down and then he started to feel better.  Probably he knew he would not be going home soon.  So after a while, he rested with the sling wrap on his hand.  But it was not long when he started to be restless and cheeky again.  Playing, walking on bed and making noises in the ward.
We were in the hospital for more than 4 hours and only around 3pm we were discharged.  Waiting for the insurance claim procedures and the hospital allowed to discharge us. 

Jay to rest for another day and his elbow would be fine tomorrow.  Then he can go back to his school on Thursday.


Small Kucing said...

poor boy.....must have been very pain ful. hope recover soon.

lina said...

Ouch! A dislocated shoulder.

But he's such a strong boy lah!

Get well soon and recover fast, ya!

Ez Vina said...

Get well soon boy.

Merryn said...

Poor Jay. Get well soon :(