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Sunday, November 9, 2008

My nagging continue...

Read in today newspaper that one of the old shops (almost 500 years old) in Gambier Street was burnt down during last night’ heavy rain. We were stuck at my parents’ house when the rain strikes around 6pm. Thunders and lightning were hitting like crazy and my parents’ front car pouch was flooded with water that cannot flush away faster than it rained.

The weather here has been crazy for the past 1 week. Rained almost every evening. Guess the year end raining season is finally here. And there goes our weekly jogging and swimming in the evening. I think we have to think of a new sport activities, maybe indoor type as it is hardly favourable to have much outdoor activities nowadays. And Big J has been complaining of lack of exercises. His tummy is growing bigger, almost 5 months old pregnant! LOL!

I have been nagging about his eating and drinking habit, always eat late and mostly take meat. If I ever cooked at home, the meat will be mostly stir-fried with less oil or cook in soup. And vegetables is a must in the menu. Maybe due to his work, he has started to drink again. Beer! Yeah! That is where is tummy come from. There were times when he was fitter, cutting down on beer and night life but now he is on roll again. Excuses? Got to entertain friends and customers! Sigh! It makes me worry and I think I no need to guess how his blood test result should be when he even goes to one.

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