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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cost of schooling

Took Little J to a taska this morning, thought of checking out on the environment, programmes and fees involved. I never know that most taska do not cater for Saturday classes. This one is one of them that only open 5 days a week.

Fortunately when we reached there around 10am, they were open for some graduation rehearsal. RM800.00 deposit needed to enroll Little J in the next year classes. Not so sure on the monthly fee and insurance as subject to changes every year. For time being, they are around RM300 and RM80 respectively. All those do not include the school uniforms which cost around RM30 per set. Judging from everything, school fees are also in increasing trend. Wow! Really not cheap to put a child to school, don’t you think so? I would need to check out on another taska which is nearby for some comparison first before deciding which taska to put my Little J in.

As for her, she just feels at home, playing with the slide and swing, in regards to the teachers. When ask her does she want to go to school, her immediately reply is “yes”. Much to our amusement, she was nagging and wailing in the car when we on the way to taska, as the taska is somewhere near her baby sister’s house. She was wailing as she thought that we wanted to send her to her baby sister. Talking about a 2 ½ years old child, she does know her sense of direction and whereabout pretty well. But once we reached the taska, her mood is better and not in the hurry to leave when it was time to leave. LOL!

Ready for schooling? Little J's cute Barney bag (the Barney can be taken out).


mybabybay said...

Wow RM800 for deposit??!!

Daddy said...

Wow. That's expensive! Better start saving money for Ryan liow. It's funny how all children like Barney. 2 days ago, I put in the first Barney VCD for Ryan and he was glued to the TV!! And he is only 5 months old!

little prince's mummy said...

got an award for u: