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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ready for bed

Just got back from The Spring. Drove my FIL and little J for some early Christmas stuff to be brought back to Kapit by FIL tomorrow.

Oh boy, sure lots of cars when we reached The Spring, thought there is some big sales going in there. Apparently one of the carpark entrance was closed and every cars jamming to squeeze into one car park entrance. It took us about 15 minutes to go down into the basement and thank god we managed to find a parking bay.

Many people shopping in Tai Khiong tonight. I seldom go shopping for grocery and sundry during weekday so I never expect many people around. Guess every day is a shopping day, not only on Saturday and Sunday. Lol!

Little J is behind me now, playing her block toys after finished her milk. She is more obedient now, understand when it is time for her not to disturb her mummy, leave her alone updating her blog. *wink* When she is tired, she will keep all her toys and go to her bed without making any noise. I must admit my Little J is really growing up! Lol!

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