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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smarter than you thought

Don’t you think your kids are smarter and cheekier than you? They know what is computer at young age while you may only know how to use keyboard when you were in school back then.

Everyone said it is the milk they take that make them smarter. Guess all those DHA formulas really work for our kid’s brain development. Sometimes my Little J amazes and surprises me with her antic and words. Example like the other day when I brought her for her booster shot of Hepatitis A:

Mummy : Let’s go to clinic.
Little J : Ai yo! Mummy go for injection
Mummy : Not mummy, you go for injection
Little J : (touching her butt) Don’t want, butt painful.
Mummy : No, doctor will inject your arm.
Little J : (touching her arm) Don’t want, I wanna go to nanny’s house.

Hai ya! I shouldn’t have told her that I was bringing her for injection, because after that, she reluctant to get out from the house and took quite some times to persuade her to go. LOL!

Another scene was after sending her aunty at the airport.

Little J : Where is gu gu (aunty) going?
Mummy : Gu gu sit in airplane
Little J : Gu gu sit in airplane go KL (she used to us saying going to KL each time we flew)
Mummy : No. Gu gu go to Sibu

After few hours, tele-conversation with her grandma

Little J : Hello Ah Ma.
Ah Ma : Hi Little J. Gu gu?
Little J : Gu gu sit airplane, go Sibu

She remembers that her aunt going to Sibu. Don’t say kids have short term memories, okay?

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