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Friday, November 21, 2008

Caught in the act

This must be Little J's worst and unlady-like pose so far that I even caught her in! Well, who told her to mess up the bed. So here is my proof of her popping and tearing up the parking coupon in her aunty's bed, then arranging them all on her bed. And aunty did not know about this incident till now. LOL!

Of course in the end, the mummy has to be the one doing all those clearing, who else. I just don't understand her, just love to tear all those numbers. Everytime she saw on in my car, she will try to get to it and without my knowledge, quietly tearing them at the back of the car. Sigh!

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TripleJin said...


This is SOOOO my No.2

You go see this...I tell you, I too had to clean up! I don't know why kids LOVE to tear up bits of paper till it's teeny tiny!!!

oh..btw, this is mott. Thanks for visiting!
Drives me up the WALL!