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Monday, December 29, 2008

A lazy holiday for us

It is holiday today. Big J sprained his leg during yesterday tennis game, so he hardly going anywhere today. Supposed to attend a friend’s church wedding in the morning, but we did not go. Thank god the pain in his leg subdue and did not swell this morning after taking some Chinese prescribed pills.

Yesterday I went to highlight my hair, I spent RM110 on my hair. Didn’t cut my hair since it is still that short, just highlight and treatment on it. Well, at least Big J did not comment much on the hair this time round. The last time I cut my hair short, he was a bit surprised at my decision and till today, he still miss my long hair! LOL!

As for today’s activities, since we did not attend my friend’s church wedding this morning, Little J, myself and SIL went for CNY shopping in the morning after breakfast. First, we dropped by The Spring to hunt for FIL’s shirt, then bought some clothing for Little J (it is always easy to buy children’s stuff than adult’s stuff as they are more irresistible) and then bought myself a pair of office shoes from Primevera.

Then we went to Jenny’s boutique in Jln Green to check out any good bargain, but to our surprises, not many people there. Nothing good there. Nevertheless I managed to buy a blouse and 2 pairs of pants from WD Boutique, which happen to be Jenny’s next door neighbour. I guess economy must be pretty bad; not much discount given by Jenny this year. Usually it was packed at this time of the year, that you cannot hardly squeeze among the crowds and hardly can find a vacant fitting rooms.
When we reached home around 130pm, Big J was busy tidying up the bedroom. He was cleaning up the bookshelf by sitting on the chair when I entered the room. Hmm, I have to admit. He is a better cleaner than I do!! *wink*

Alright, time to get ready for the wedding dinner tonight. Since it is a holiday today, usualy people are quite punctual when come to wedding dinners. We have missed our friend's church wedding, so we would not want to be late for the dinner tonight.

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