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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

She is resting for a day

Little J is coughing pretty badly this morning, so I decided to text message her class teacher that she is not well and wouldn’t be attending today class. Little J was sleeping well throughout the night although she did cough on few occasions but that did not stir her from her sleep.

After I took my bath and finished make up, she still hasn’t woke up from her sleep. I guess she was really tired as she slept around 10 something last night. Last night Big J worked late and I told Little J that I want to call daddy to ask what time he would be back. While talking to Big J, Little J was nagging beside me as she also wanted to talk to her dad. Guess what she said?? “Come back home, daddy” Lol! And of course, her daddy’s heart melted and replied quickly “Daddy coming back now!”

Back to this morning, I tried to wake Little J up from her sleep since she didn’t look like she would be waking up soon. So after almost 5 minutes coaxing, she finally wake up (that is around 7.15am). After a round of feeding and change of clothing, we departed from our house. While on the road, I told Little J that she would not be going to school as she was sick today. And she was replying me back that she wanted to go to school. Hmm, I guess she finally like to go back to school now. *wink*

Nevertheless, I brought her to baby sitter’s house so she can rest at least for today. Luckily she is much better and less coughing now. Hope by tomorrow she will be better. But there wouldn’t be swimming session for her (Thursday is her swimming session), since I don’t want her to catch back the cold and flu.

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