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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick again and still recovering

I was sick again last Sunday and so is Little J. I had sore throat while she is having running nose and cough. I think must be the hot weather over the weekend and on Saturday we spent almost whole morning outside. I usually will bring a bottle of water for consumption but I forgot to pack last Saturday.

We went for house viewing on Saturday, looking for some inspiration for our new house. Lol! I know it is pretty early to do so, but no harm looking around. Big J did go to office last Saturday, so we spent the whole morning looking at decoration and design.

I am taking leave today, not sick leave, just an annual leave. This morning I went to Little J’s school to pay her next semester school fee. After bidding goodbye to her, I drove to Telekom to settle my streamyx. Before they disconnect my internet line, I better settle them first. Also request them to charge the future bills to my credit card. The sales person told me it will take about 3 months to have the bills been charged to my credit card. Hmm? Why take so long???

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