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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A room of her own

PIL are giving their room in Kuching to Little J. So she is getting her own room soon. Now she is boastful to everyone, that room is her room. Lol!

My SIL wanted to re-paint the room before getting ready for Little, so she asked Little J what colours she would like her room to be. Guess what was her answer? Purple and pink! Gosh! A girlie colour. But I don’t think we would paint such colours, but there are definitely some decoration and repaint need to be done.

Hmm, now the 2nd question would be “Would she really sleep in it?” Probably I would be the companion for couple of weeks before she is settling down alone. See how it goes when that day comes. Now she has been sleeping with her aunty most of nights, only come back to our room when she wants her milk. I guess practice of getting her sleeping with other should get her familiarise with sleeping by her own in the future.

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Jess said...

My elder girl also start sleeping in her own room beginning this year.