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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Holiday is almost over

This year's Chinese New Year is coming to an end soon, with Chap Goh Mei been celebrated tomorrow. Big J and his other siblings have decided to have a dinner in Mei San restaurant, Holiday Inn tomorrow night. Big J got discount card, which entitled to 50% discount on all food and drink.

I didnt took much picture this time round since I do not have a camera. Planning to get one soon, but got to do some budgeting first. However manage to take this shot of Little J standing in the garden in Kapit house. She is now about 34 months old. A very chatty gal, she can talk and talk non stop. But she got a bad temper, probably like me. Lol! Both grandparents disallow us to use violence (like hitting and scolding her when she is at fault), reasoning been she is still small to understand. Gosh! She may be less than 3 years old girl, but she is sure very cheeky one. When ever her dad scold her, she will run to her grandparents or aunty for protection. And guess who get the scolding instead? Big J!! Lol!

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