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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rose, rose

Rose is among the most popular flowers people give on Valentine’s Day. Red roses symbolize love, passion, respect and courage.

What is the meaning of the numbers of roses?

Single bloom red rose : Love at first sight or I still love you

Single rose, any colour: Gratitude or simplicity

2 roses: Mutual feelings

3 roses: I love you

7 roses: I am infatuated with you

9 roses: We will be together forever

10 roses: You are perfect

11 roses: You are my treasured one

12 roses: Be mine

13 roses: Friends forever

15 roses: I am truly sorry

20 roses: I am truly sincere towards you

21 roses: I am dedicated to you

24 roses: Forever yours

25 roses : Congratulations

50 roses: Unconditional love

99 roses: I will love you all the day of my life

108 roses: Will you marry me?

999 roses: I love you till the end of time

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