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Friday, February 6, 2009

A new year

It was not a good day today. Little J reluctant to go to school today. Kept saying she wants to go to her baby sitter’s house. At school, I have to carry her crying to the class. Maybe it is the long holiday last week, but maybe it is the children thing. When they are bored of something, they would not want to do it anymore.

Earlier this week, she was fine and eager to go to school. Coming to mid-week when her aunty came back from Kapit, she has been sticking to her aunty like glue. She has been sleeping with her aunty for 2 nights and following her aunty’s car to school.

Now that weekend is coming, I do hope that by Monday, she would be happier to go to school again. I started to prepare lunch and bring from home to work for 3 consecutive days. Packed a box for Big J too. Since Big J planned to keep fit and enrolling in gym soon, I suggesting to him on cooking lunch. Healthy and cost-saving. I prepared the ingredients the night before and kept them refrigerated. It was pretty tiring to wake up early in the morning and cook. But I guess I will get used to it in time. Lol! That is one of our resolution for this year: Doing something different and be healthy!

Talking about Monday, Chap Goh Mei fall on the same day. It means that Chinese New Year is coming to an end soon and like what people always say, it is a new year and time to work hard for the next 12 months! So to everyone, have a good year ahead!

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Jess said...

May be still in new year mood...

BTW, wish you all the best in this new year

From Jess