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Our lovely princess

Monday, June 29, 2009

Got to love her

Silly girl and her antic

When ever I did or said something funny, Little J will said “silly mummy”. Don’t know where she learnt the word but definitely not from home. Must have gotten from the school.

And she is very persuasive nowadays too. If she wants something, she will keep saying “please please please” till you cannot stand her pledging anymore. And once a while, I got scolding from Big J for giving in too easy to her. “We must not give in to her all the time. She must learn to accept NO for an answer,” Big J said. Yeah! Sound easy but hard to follow. Who could resist saying “NO” to a 3 years old child?

Want to be a princess

I was surprised this afternoon when Little J suddenly ask me for something. Conversation went like this:

Little J : Mummy, why I don’t have a crown? (Touching her head)
Mummy: Huh? You want a crown? What for?
Little J: I want to be a princess.
Mummy: You are my princess and you don’t need a crown to be a princess.
Little J: I want to buy a crown.
Mummy: (sigh) Alright, tonight you asked daddy to buy crown.

p.s. Pushing to her dad will end the conversation and she will forget to ask unless she is reminded


Like other children, Little J loves to sing. Now she started to pick up Hokkien song. There is one particular song she loves. Everytime we goes into Big J’s car, she will request her dad to tune to her song. When she reaches some part of the song that she knows how to sing, she will shout and sing along! Oh dear! Probably next time, we will have a karaoke set at home and her dad (nicknamed King of Hokkien, because Big J sings Hokkien songs) will teach her how to sing…. *wink*


michelle said...

You can make her a princess crown with cupboard and have her color it.

slavemom said...

Yup, it's vy difficult to say "No" to a sweet n polite 3yo.