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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reminiscing 2009

Couldn’t you believe that it is already June and we are half way of 2009? Just the other day, I was discussing with Big J on events happening this year that really caught us by surprises and some are not so good news. But I wouldn’t want to share the bad news here, just want to think back of how exciting and challenging 2009 has been for us.

Firstly, me quitting my job in February and for the first time since I started work in 1999, I am temporarily jobless. I guess I need some break after working for 10 years?? Lol!

Secondly, I am pregnant with our second child. Due early September, but probably we will let the baby out early by end of August via Caesarian. Date and time for the operation have not been fixed yet.

Thirdly, Little J’s first day at school. I was lucky to be able to accompany her on her 1st day at school. Remember when I was in my kindergarten and primary school, I did not have my parents to accompany me. So how lucky was Little J?! Probably I am spoiling and pampering her too much, but she is my only girl, so if I do not spoil her, who else to be spoiled??

Fourthly, Big J is going to quit his job end of this month and start up a new company. Yeah, he is venturing into business again. Just hope it will be the right decision and everything will be smooth along the way.

Fifth, we are getting our new house end of the year!! Yes! Couldn’t want to decorate the house once we got our keys to the house. *wink*

There are so much things to say, but above are few that I wanted to share. Like I said, 2009 is interesting year for us. Hope 2010 would be even better!

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