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Monday, June 15, 2009

Hooked on Dominoes

New game for Little J!! During the 2 weeks holiday in Kapit, she has developed a new interest. Dominoes. Yes! Dominoes, you heard me right!

Of course she wouldn’t be able to understand the full instruction and way of playing Dominoes at her age, but it is a past-time game for her in Kapit. How to play LittleJ’s Dominoes style?

Simple. You know that on those 28 pieces of Dominoes, they have 2 set of dots on each piece. Just match those dominoes with similar numbers or patterns. Example, on 1 piece you would find 1 red dot and 4 white dots. All Little J has to do is to match the next piece to this piece, example 4 white dots and 5 orange dots. So the next piece must be of 5 orange dots and so to be in correct sequence.

Besides those dots matching game, she is also learning to build towers using those pieces ala Big J’s style. But now that Little J is back to Kuching, she seemed to forget about those Dominoes pieces, and started to play her old toys i.e. cooking and learning laptops. Probably when she is board with those games, maybe she will switch back to Dominoes. *wink*

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