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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fruits lover

I am happy that Little J loves to take fruit juices. Once a while, her aunt will make vegetable and fruit juices for her in the morning, that consist of celery, green apples and carrots. It is always good to take juices before you take your breakfast.

Little J enjoys taking oranges, dragon fruits, papayas and apples. However, she always prefer oranges than the other fruits, probably because it is juicier. When she takes oranges, she never eat the pulp. She will suck all the juices out of the fruits and leave the dry pulps. Funny! After she has taking all those juices, no one want to finish up the pulps, so usually we throw them away. Lol!


michelle said...

It is very healthy to eat fruits.

slavemom said...

It's great that Little J loves fruits. Vy good for health.