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Friday, June 26, 2009

Not easy in this time of crisis

Said that I am both excited yet anxious about Big J’s new venture (or probably I should say “re-venture”) into business. He is partnering with a friend in outsourcing company. The new office is more or less ready with forms and equipment for the operation, only problem is that currently not enough staff to kick off next week.

Big J is complaining that it is pretty hard to convince people to work on commission based although the deal is better than fixed salary plus commission based. I guess with the current economy, everyone is looking for something more stable and fixed rather than fluctuating income. Irregardless of insufficient staff, he will still conduct training tomorrow and proceed with the operation next week. Just hope that this time it would be a good business venture. Big J has been through tough venture in the past and what a big shit he has to suffer from it. Pray that this time, it is the right choice!


michelle said...

Yeah opening a business is a big risk at this time. But no risk no gain! Wish him well.

slavemom said...

All the best!