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Sunday, November 29, 2009

His first shopping outing

What to do? Mummy needed to get some office wear so Baby Jay has to follow along. It is Baby Jay's first time gone to a shopping mall this morning, so Big J and I were excited and yet anxious at the same time. We were too excited till we forget to bring the camera out, but luckily I have my handphone with me, so sorry if the photos look blur, but those photos are priceless!! *wink*

I guess Baby Jay loves the cooling and noisy environment, because I noticed that everytime we went out, he can slept irregardles of his surrounding. So once we reached The Spring, he dozed off. So it made the shopping more relax. It is sales in The Parkson, and I managed to buy 2 pairs of office wear from Valentino Rudy and 3 tops from Anne Kelly. I love Anne Kelly designs, so I went "crazy" when some tops were on sales. Lol!

This white castle is displayed on the first floor where they usually have a stage there. I must bring Princess Jan over when she is back next month. I am sure she would love it.

Like I said, Baby Jay was sleeping comfortably in his stroller throughout the 2 hours. After we finished our shopping, we went to the food court for our lunch. It was packed, my guess is it is end of the month and everyone has money to spend. Anyway, we managed to find a seat and we order our favourite food from the Japanese Tenpayaki stall.

Before we left, I make sure I fed the little guy. He obliged and finished his 4 OZ milk without any noise. Lol! There will be more shopping outing for Baby Jay since he has been a good boy.


smallkucing said...

Good boy :)

slavemom said...

He is such a good boy. Mummy n daddy will definitely bring him out more often.