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Our lovely princess

Friday, November 20, 2009

1 year has gone

School holiday is starting. And it means Princess Jan has finished her pre-school. We attended her prize giving ceremony yesterday. To our surprises, she got 1st prize in colouring competition in her categories. Wow! That makes mummy and daddy very proud of her.

Sorry, I haven't got time to download the picture into the blog, and will do so other day. Some more I have problem log into internet for 2 days. I wonder if it is streamyx or something to do with my modem. As matter of fact, I am now in Big J's office, writing this post.

Princess Jan was very well behaved yesterday, stood still for Negaraku song and walked up to the stage to collect her prize from the principal. Big J and I managed to take photos with her together with the winning piece and prize. She was smiling and looked happy to see both of us. After the ceremony, she quietly told me that she was not scared to go up to the stage. Lol! I wonder she would say that when school starts next year? As for her academic, teacher commented she was remarkable student and has good memory skill. Hmm, hopefully her confidence level improves when school reopen in January 2010.


lvynana said...

wow..congrats princess Jan

IMMomsDaughter said...

Bravo Princess Jan. She must be very good in colouring to have gotten 1st prize.