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Our lovely princess

Friday, November 27, 2009

She will be missed

Princess Jan has gone back to hometown today. She woke up early this morning and knew that today is the day. She was babbling away, telling everyone that she is going back to Kapit to visit her dear grandmother.

Thank god that she has recovered from her fever. She was suddenly down with high fever on Tuesday evening, with body temperature of 38degree. It was hard to feed her the antibiotic (Klacid) that night because she was crying and weak. This was 2nd time she has such fever. Princess Jan seldom that sick so when she was down crying and complaining, we know that she is really sick! Not to take the risk, I packed her medicine into her luggage last night.

Her stuff was packed yesterday, making sure I also put her swimming suit in as my SIL said she will bring Princess Jan to the public swimming pool there. There are also some computer games for her so she would not be occupying the tv all the times. Lol! The last round we went back, her grandfather complained that he did not get to watch his news and favourite shows for 2 weeks so this time, they are well prepared.

I worked today, so Big J sent Princess Jan and my FIL to the airport after breakfast this morning. Luckily before they checked in they remember Princess Jan’s birth certificate. I forgot to take the certificate out from the safe this morning. So Big J has to detour back to retrieve the birth certificate. Her Mykid should have reached here this week, but I have yet to collect it from the Registrar Office. It should have been ready 2 weeks ago and I estimate that Princess Jan would be using her Mykid for the first time for check in today but I don’t know why it was slow.

Maybe it is mother thingy, I felt heavy yet happy when she was climbing into Big J’s car this morning. I know she would enjoyed been spoiled by her grandparents in Kapit. She did not kissed or waved me a proper goodbye. I know Princess Jan is an independent child, now she is bigger, she is no longer attach to me. However once a while, I wish she would be like that; a child holding tightly to her mother. *sob sob* I don’t think she would miss me that much but I know one thing. I will miss her while she is away. Miss her chattiness. Now I could not wait for Christmas to come, because by then, Princess Jan would come home. Maybe I buy her a Christmas present and surprise her when she is back.