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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How fast he grows

In a blink of eyes, Baby Jay would be 3 months old next week. He is more aware of people around him and starts to make a lot of sounds. I noticed that he would turn to my direction when I talk. Hmm, I guess baby at such age start to recognise familiar voices. Baby Jay also starts to suck his fingers so I still wear let him wear his mittens on both hands.

Last Sunday, Baby Jay has the longest outing ever. SIL and I have an appointment with our upline in BIL's cafe and were trained in product knowledges. He is supposed to be under the care of his dad, but you know men! They cannot be trusted. End up, Big J went to Tebedu with friends and left Baby Jay with us. Princess Jan was also with us but she followed her uncle back in the afternoon and came back again He was with me and my SIL the whole afternoon and only gone home around 8pm. Initially we never thought it would take such a long time, but time passed fast and when we realised it, it was almost evening.

And guess what? Baby Jay did not complained. He slept almost the whole afternoon that day. When at home on Sunday, he seldom sleep that long. Hmm, probably he likes to sleep with all those noises around??

Sorry I have not have much time lately to take his photographs. Been too catch up with direct selling and other chores.

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smallkucing said...

Baby Jay is indeed very guai. Some babies will cry when in new/strange/noisy environment. Baby Jay knows Mummy is hard at work.