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Friday, November 6, 2009

Want to go to school

This evening, my Princess Jan told me that she wanted to go to school tomorrow. Our evening begins after dinner and Baby Jay was at home after hubby picked him from nanny's house. Princess Jan was doing some revision after dinner, showing off her reading skill. After she finished her school books,

Little Jan: Mummy, I want to keep my books. Tomorrow go to school.
Me: Tomorrow is Saturday. No school.
Little Jan: Why?
Me: Tomorrow is Saturday, teachers are resting. School is not open.
Little Jan: Oh, okay.

(then less than 1 minute later)

Little Jan: Mummy, fast. Sleep.
Me: You sleep first.
Little Jan: I want to sleep already, mummy. Tomorrow go to school.
Me: Hai ya, there is no school tomorrow.
Little Jan: But I want to go to school.
Me : (speechless)

I wonder if in few years time, would she be that enthusiast to go to school??


smallkucing said...

In a few years the phrase would change to "I don't want to go to school" :P. That's part of growing up

Mama Mia said...

so enthusiastic la your girl..even saturday also want to go to school. :D