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Our lovely princess

Friday, April 9, 2010

Generous heart

In one of the conversations I had with princess today:

Princess Jan: Mummy, mama (her baby sitter) doesn't have any more money.
Me: Why?
Princess: Of course. Because she buys a lot of thing, so no more money.
Me: Buy for who?
Princess: For che che (baby sitter's daughter).
Me: Oh, I see.
Princess: Yes, so we have to give mama money.
Me: Who told you that mama doesn't have money?
Princess: Mama. Mummy, we must give money to mama.
(going to her coin box and show to me)
Princess: Tomorrow I bring this coin box and give mama, can or not?
Me: Okay (giggling)

That is very kind of Princess Jan. I believe that her che che is going to Form 6 soon so probably that is why baby sitter buys some school stuff for her. I am just touched with my Princess's generous heart. At least she shows some kindness at young age, right? I am proud of her.


smallkucing said...

It's really generous of Princess.

slavemom said...

That's vy generous of her. Taking her own coin box to give to mama.