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Our lovely princess

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Demanding for a present

Princess' birthday is few weeks away and she has been reminding everyone in the house of her birthday. And her aunt was telling me over the phone last night about what Princess Jan told her before she was off to KL last weekend.

SIL: You know what sis, your princess told me to buy her a present.
Me: Is it? Why?
SIL: Because of her birthday loh. She said her birthday is in April so she wants a present
Me: Cheeky girl.
SIL: And guess what she ask for? A handbag!
Me: Huh? I just recently bought her one pink handbag from KL.
SIL: Yes. And she told me she wants a bag for her birthday. And not any bad, but a handbag. Like mummy's one, she said.
Me: Oh dear.
SIL: I wonder where should I get her a handbag in KL!! And when I told mum (my mother-in-law) about it, she almost want to faint. hahaha!

Oh well, that is my princess. Soon she will be 4 years old girl. How time flies. And Big J was commenting to me this morning that he feels his daughter is growing too fast. She grows too fast, acts and thinks like adult. And she is getting demanding and materialistic too. Lol.


smallkucing said...

LOL...funny what kids do nowadays

slavemom said...

Girls will be girls. :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Handbag collector in the making? Yeah, girls will always be vain :)