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Our lovely princess

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday's cat nap

It has been a while I did not post pictures of my children. Busy! And no camera to spare. I was testing Big J's new phone camera and great! I always love Sony Ericsson Cybershot phone.

I did not adjust the setting so somehow the pictures did not turned out sharp, but nevertheless I have some pictures for memory sake.

And what better than to take the two children taking their afternoon nap. A lazy Sunday, sleeping, eating and watching tv. My kind of Sunday! Lol!

Baby Jay now slightly rely on craddle as he is used in babysitter's house. After I came back from my 2 weeks training, I have tough time to get him sleep during the first few nights. Need to rely on craddle to put him to sleep. Before this, he just sleeps in his bed at nights. But now, I have to make him sleep first in the "sarong" then transfer him over to his bed once he dozes off.

As for my Princess Jan, this is her sleeping position. I have hard time to get her covered as she always kick her blanket off even when she was in deep sleep. And I am evenly impressed by her sleeping location as she can turn to 180 or 90 degree. Now that she shares same bed with me and Big J, both of us having hard time sleeping as either we been slapped, kicked or got fright by her. Lol!