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Our lovely princess

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some goodies wrapping

Princess Jan's birthday is few days away. To celebrate her 4th birthday we decided to get everyone in Princess' class some goodies. So this morning we were busy hunting down some children favourites in supermarket.

And Princess being a busybody as well as good helper, would not want to miss out in the whole process. So she helped in putting some goodies in the plastic wrappers and tied them up.

Total 30 goodies. Asked Princess how many friends in her class, she replied twenty. Just to be safe, we wrapped 30 goodies to be brought to school on wednesday. :)

My princess is taking a break after the hard work. To treat her for been good girl, we brought her to the swimming pool in our club house and same time, shown her the new house.

As for my Baby Jay, he is exactly 8 months old baby. While everyone busy with the wrapping work, he was just minding his own business, eating his baby bites in the walker since he was banned from getting near us.


smallkucing said...

Wow Princess J classmates will have a nice surprise lor :)

Sasha said...

happy earliet birthday to princess jan