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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Turning 8 months

I feel guilty of not taking much photographs of Baby Jay. When Princess Jan arrived, we spent a time every month to take snaps of her till she was 1 year old. So it was a pity that we did not do so for Baby Jay.

My Princess loves to dig into old albums of her; she never bored of seeing her photographs. Then she will made comment about Baby Jay's photos. I did not developed any of baby's photographs so far; mostly save in pc.

This is one of the rare pictures I took of Baby Jay recently in his walker. He enjoying himself in the walker, exploring around the house. However I only allowed him to do so for few minutes. People said it is not so good for young baby to walk in walker, something to do with his backbone and slow walking skill.

As usual, Princess Jan would not want to be missed out in any photo-taking, so without asking her, she will just stood in front and pose for the photographs.....So most Baby Jay's photographs will have his sister in them.

Baby Jay is going to be 8 months old baby end of the month. I started to feed him plain porridge with carrot and broccoli; and cereal added into his milk. He has not yet develop any teeth. I heard that babies taking teether or pacifier tend to grow teeth faster. Is that the reason why Baby Jay did not have teeth yet? He does not fancy any teethers or pacifiers although like other ordinary babies, he tends to grab on anything and put into mouth.

He is getting stronger; can stand and sit straight. He also can move forward pretty fast. So,should I need to do something, I have to put him in his bed. I know he is safer in there. Lol!

1 comment:

smallkucing said...

Cute pic.

Mine also doesnt like teether last time.

As for growing teeth, I think the later the better coz of the tooth decay