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Our lovely princess

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

School starts tomorrow

Schools reopen tomorrow. And my Princess has been hinting to me that she doesnt like going to school, doesnt like the teacher, bla bla bla. Anything but to go to school. Sigh! Just hope she would not be giving me headache tomorrow morning!

It will be another year for Baby Jay to go to school. We decided we can wait for a year before register him to school. Probably we can find a nearby kindergarden when we move to our new house this year.

So tonight we will sleep early. Need to wake up early to prepare breakfast and snacks for the kids! And it means headache cracking my head thinking what to prepare.


Small Kucing said...

half boild egg?

Rose said...

My Princess doesnt take half boiled egg. Must be fried. Sometimes i have to discard the yolk because she doesnt want to eat the yolk. Sigh! Choosy girl